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Homeownership is a big life goal. Our advanced tools and local home buying experts will analyze your situation, providing you with a clear plan to help you attain homeownership.

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Follow a personalized plan that puts you on the right path to reach your home-buying goal.

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Receive real-time support from home buying experts to answer your questions and provide reassurance.

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Use advanced tools and resources to ensure you buy the right place at the right time and at the right price.

Attain is built specifically for first-time buyers, with only one goal in mind: help you attain homeownership 🏠

Advanced tools to plan for homeownership. For free.

Live chat with experts

Access home buying experts in your region to answer all your home buying questions.

Home buying goal

Define your home buying goal and monitor your progress.

Real-time buying power

A real-time view of your buying capacity based on your finances and the market.

Credit monitoring

Know and improve your credit score for a mortgage.

Debt optimization

Optimize your debt-to-income ratio to increase your borrowing capacity.

Down payment planning

Understand how much you need to save and track your progress.

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Let us know things like what you would like to buy and when, and we’ll show you where you are in your journey, taking into account your actual credit, debt, savings, and current market conditions.


Receive personalized advice from experts

Receive a personalized video from a home buying expert in your region, covering savings strategies, types of mortgages, home prices, local programs, and more.


Track your progress until you’re ready to buy

Always keep an eye on your finances, market conditions, and home buying goals while receiving recommendations along the way to stay on track.

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Get pre-approved quickly through Attain with the market’s lowest rates, without any paperwork.


Your dedicated expert will guide you through the closing process, ensuring you get the best deal.

We're serious about security

Your data is encrypted using bank-level security standards and you are in full control for who can access your information.

We're always here to help

If you need help, attain’s support is available 24/7. Real humans will do their best to help you by email, chat or video call.

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Abygail L.
Brooklyn, NY
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"Attain totally smashed that scary barrier between a tough housing market and a newbie buyer like me. For anyone looking to nab a home early, I’d say go for it with attain, no question."
Franco B.
Portland, OR
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"Absolutely game-changing for a first-time buyer like me. The free access to tools and expert advice made navigating the home-buying process less daunting."
Gabriela S.
Eugene, OR
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"It felt like having a personal assistant for home buying. Connecting with experienced mortgage brokers through attain made getting pre-approved a breeze. I loved the flexibility of choosing services based on my needs."
Kierra R.
Minneapolis, MN
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"The best thing about Attain? It totally gets that the buyer comes first. Their agents don’t make a dime off commission, so I actually felt like they were on my side. That's a solid trust boost right there."
Traci F.
Denver, CO
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"Attain's experts are the real deal—knowledgeable, friendly, and genuinely interested in helping you find your dream home. The app's interface is user-friendly, and tracking my progress through the personalized plan kept me motivated and informed every step of the way."

Still got questions?

Our experts include local licensed agents and mortgage brokers specifically chosen for their experience with first-time buyers. They are vetted for their knowledge, expertise, and commitment to helping first-time homeowners navigate the buying process with confidence.

Homeownership planning on Attain is free. Other optional services for searching a home, getting a mortgage, and closing on your home have specific pricing.

Attain doesn’t directly issue mortgages, we facilitate pre-approval and financing process by connecting you with one of our experienced mortgage brokers licensed in your state.

Security is our top priority. Attain employs advanced encryption and security measures to protect your personal information and transaction details, ensuring your data remains secure and confidential throughout your home-buying journey.

By taking less than the traditional 3% commission, Attain enhances your buying power. This allows you to make more competitive offers to sellers, compared to those working with traditional agents who take a significant portion of the sale price, thereby putting more money back into your pocket.